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Changing Asian Landscape: Role of India and China

Changing Asian Landscape: Role of India and ChinaEdited by Asma Masood

Buy at this linkThe two Asian giants, China and India, have held centre-stage in global affairs in recent times. With China having consolidated its position as an economic, military and political power the dynamics of the regional and the global equations are set to change with either positive or negative fallout. It has, therefore, become crucial to examine the factors driving transformation of the geopolitical/economic/strategic landscapes.

The book highlights various initiatives by both India and China, which impact the existing structure of Asia. These include maritime dimensions, China’s domestic dynamics, Tibet’s issue, metageopolitics, relations with Southeast Asia, Science and Technology, environmental concerns, soft power, China’s internal economic trends and the impact of a possible decline in China’s economy.

The readers can comprehend the overall foundation behind recent China-related incidents: The Doklam standoff, increasing presence of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLA Navy) in the South China Sea and the US-China tariff dispute are all set to change the dynamics of power play in the Indo Pacific area. The thinking patterns of Chinese leaders are deciphered, vis-à-vis India and Asia. This book will, in the observed context, make valuable contribution for those seeking to understand the imperatives behind China’s actions and the way forward for India.Ms. Asma Masood is a Research Officer at the Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S). She is Founding Member and President, Young Minds of C3S. She has worked as an Independent Researcher on International Relations in the Asia-Pacific and interned at the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi. She has an M.A. in International Studies from Stella Maris College and B.A. in Journalism from M.O.P. Vaishnav College, Chennai. Her areas of interest are China and Dynamics of Foreign Policy in the Asia-Pacific. Her articles have been published by several newspapers, magazines, and think-tanks.


Foreword 1. Maritime Dimensions of Sino-Indian Equations in Indian Ocean Region 2. China: Current Complex Domestic Situation 3. Strategic Implications of the Disneyland of Snows 4. Meta-geopolitics of India and China 5. China’s Internal Economic Trends 6. Is China’s Economic Decline India’s Gain? 7. India’s and China’s Quest for Sub-Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia: Another Battleground for Regional Leadership? 8. Changing Asian Landscape: Role of India and China—Science and Technology Dimensions 9. Addressing Environmental Concerns in the Changing Asian Landscape: Role of India and China 10. Sugar and Spice: India’s Soft Power in China

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