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Young Minds of C3S

Realign your GPS and rediscover China with YMC3S, today.

Did you know that International Relations have a dynamic dress-sense? Trends change. New political views become fashionable. Economics sport a fresh avatar. Defence takes the ‘modern’ route. East meets West. Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S) acknowledges these seasonal shifts in international relations, which demand youth-based perceptions. In this light, C3S has kick-started the ‘Young Minds of C3S’!

“Quo Vadis (where do you go), oh thee of envious youth?”

The question echoes through the strategic community in Chennai…

While there is a strong circle of established and experienced veterans in the field of international relations in the city, there is scope for building a community of young people in this field. ‘Young Minds of C3S’ aims to bring together the many rivers of knowledge flowing through the young blood of Chennai and elsewhere, and bring them to a common sea. Here they share knowledge on China and brainstorm on the country’s internal dynamics and international relations. The larger goal always in sight is improving India-China bilateral linkages.

YMC3S members discuss, debate and interact on a wide range of China-related issues. The platter of topics is a diverse buffet, with ingredients varying from politics, economics, bilateral relations, regional cooperation, defence/strategy, science, technology, gender issues, human rights, law, development, media and culture.

Meetings and events keep the YMC3S wheels whirring. Apart from these, virtual dialogue keeps the buzz on China active.

Move over Quo Vadis… it’s time for YMC3S to be the cutting-edge transit point for the next generation with an eye on China.

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