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C3S is the only think tank based away from Delhi that carries out a focused study of China, and related dynamics in South Asia. The Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S), registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 (83/2008 dated 4th April 2008), is a non-profit public policy think tank. The profile of research and discussion activities at C3S pivots on the in-depth study of developments relating to China with priority to issues of interest to India in various verticals - Business & Economics, Defence & Security, Geopolitics & Strategy, Society & Politics, Science & Technology, Human Rights & Law, Culture & History and Environment & Health.


C3S provides a forum for dialogue with Sinologists in India and abroad and gives space for the expression of alternate opinions on China-related topics. Lecture discussions and seminars on topics of current interest are organized, where international and national experts share facts and perspectives. C3S interacts with institutions of higher learning in South India to create awareness about developments in China.


The Internship Programme at C3S is very active, and the think tank values and encourages young scholarship. C3S stresses on understanding China through their language - Mandarin Chinese. C3S is unique in conducting Mandarin Chinese Classes and has produced first-class results. Retired Defence Professionals and Academics take the classes, open to employees and young researchers alike.


Being a Public Policy Institute, publications are an essential aspect of the Think Tank’s Research. These publications relate to China and range from books, edited volumes, monographs, occasional papers and online articles. These publications are peer-reviewed by a member of C3S who is an expert in the field. C3S members and researchers are invited to present papers and share their views at international and national conferences and seminars.


The Young Minds of C3S (YMC3S) is a platform for building a community of young people and bringing them together. By providing a platform where they share knowledge on China and brainstorm on the country's internal dynamics and international relations. YMC3S discuss, debate, and interact on a wide range of China-related issues. While covering vast topics related to China, C3S values the Indian Perspective in its activities while working on improving India-China bilateral linkages.

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