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Reference Material : India – China Agreements

Please Click Following Links:

1. Agreement on Maintenance of Tranquility in areas  along the LAC, 7th September 1993.

1993 – Maintenance of Peace and Tranquillitv Along the LAC in the Ind-Chn Border Areas

2. a. India – China Memorandum on Expanding Border Trade, 23rd June 2003.

2003 – MoU on Expanding Border Trade

2.b. Hu Jintao Visit to India India – China Joint Declaration, 21st November 2006

2006. Hu Jintao visit Joint Declaration

2.c. India – China:   Shared Vision for the 21st Century, 14th January 2008.

3. India – China Agreement on CBMs in the Military Field along the LAC, 29th November 1996.

1996 – On CBMs in the Military field along the LAC in the border areas

4. India – China Agreement an Establishment of a Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on Border Affairs, 17th January 2012.

2012 – On Wkg mech for consult & Coord on Ind-Chn Border Affairs

5. India – China Protocol on Indian Official Pilgrimage (the Kailash Mansarovar) , 20th May 2013

2013 – Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

6. India – China Agreement on Border Defence Cooperation, 23rd October 2013.

2013 – On Border Defence Cooperation

” The reference links  are reproduced with the permission of MEA”.

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