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Developments in Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership and its Implications for India; By Mahika Sri Kri

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

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C3S Issue Map 005/2019

C3S has launched the Issue Map initiative. The reports under this series analyse the status and developments of current scenarios in detail. They attempt to aid the reader to get a more comprehensive idea of the issue being addressed, along with illustrations and data. Issue Maps are available for download as PDFs.

The objective of this Issue Map is to understand key developments in Sino-Russia Partnership using the lens of Economic Cooperation, Involvement in different regions, Military Cooperation and the implications on India of such comprehensive engagements.

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Download PDF • 1.44MB

About the Author

Mahika Sri Krishna is a student at Sciences Po University, Paris, where she is pursuing a master’s degree in International Security and Diplomacy at the Paris School of International Affairs. Ms. Sri Krishna has gained valuable professional experience at the Chennai Centre for China Studies, where she conducted in-depth research on China, with a particular focus on issues pertaining to India. Some of Ms. Sri Krishna’s research interests include the Sino-Russian comprehensive engagement, as well as South and East Asian regional security issues. She is currently interning at the Institute for Security and Development (ISDP) in Stockholm.

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