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Event Report: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):- Demonstration of Chinese Healing Practices

C3S Event Report No: 006/2018

As a part of bringing greater awareness of practices universally acknowledged as having originated from India, but returned via China, this event demonstrated a process that brings about greater harmony in mind and body. It was held on March 31, 2018 at C3S, Athena Infonomics Building. The talk focused on EFT and how it evolved from acupressure, and is informed by the Chinese system of meridians and energy movement in the body. It was led by Gita Jayakumar. She is a wellness and lifestyle practitioner and trainer, working specifically in the field of mind-body-soul fitness. With certificates testifying to her qualifications in Aerobics, Yoga, Pre-natal and Post-natal workouts, dietetics and nutrition and several streams of Alternative Healing, for her, fitness is like oxygen.

Would you like to be in control of your emotions? Can you effectively reduce the visits to the hospital? What if you could be equipped with the ability to treat yourself and secure both physical and mental fitness?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) uses a combination of the theories of psychology and acupressure to provide an effective solution to alleviate the emotional and physical trauma that a human body undergoes. In accordance with typical animal behavior, through vocal assertions and acupressure, stress relief is the key behind attaining emotional freedom.

This reasoning behind the cause of illness has been explained through the accumulation of emotional stress. The theory behind acupressure states that the body has different chakras and that built up stress in the chakra flow can be relieved through repeated application of pressure in certain sensitive points on the skin. Based on this foundation, a more nuanced set of practice is arranged subject to individual cases.

The practice of EFT bases treatment on the logic that physical and mental issues occur in an individual as a direct repercussion of trauma inflicted between the ages 0-6 years. Therefore the process of treatment involves exploring an individual’s insecurities, repeated affirmation of their strengths and weaknesses, recalling their memories of the trauma and coming to terms with them.

The key is to understand that all of us are born with our own unique traits, accept life in all its imperfection and allotting time for the upkeep of our own mental health. The technique does predominantly deal with the fallacies that occur in the functioning of the cerebrum. The effectiveness of such a treatment on the structural problems in the cerebellum has not been explored in detail yet.

The ancient techniques of acupressure have become even more relevant in todays world where people are more inclined towards running the rat race, without taking the necessary steps to recuperate and relieve the accumulated emotional pressure. EFT is a great tool for individuals to take active measures to refuel themselves and maintain their desired level of fitness.

[Gita Jayakumar is driven by her desire to help as many as she can to lead a healthy and happy life. She offers comprehensive health solutions using energy medicine to tackle physical discomfort by attacking the mental and emotional issues underlying it. She incorporates several disciplines in Alternative healing, such as EFT, Meta Health, Matrix Re-imprinting, Reiki, Magnified Healing, Bach Flower Therapy, Acupressure and Acupuncture to name a few. Gita’s experience with Yoga and Energy healing has helped her combine the two in practice and in treating her patients – where the physical and the mental levels of fitness are addressed with ease.]

Compiled by Nappinnai Dhamodharan, Intern, C3S and Member, Young Minds of C3S.

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