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C3S – EJSSS | Research Methodology Workshop

Research not only generates useful insight and confidence but also acts as a harbinger for academic growth. Conceptual understanding of various research methods, research instruments, tools, and techniques is an essential prerequisite for conducting empirical research. For undergoing high-quality research and writing good research papers, one requires to collect, interpret, and logically document the information. The art of drawing coherent conclusions, supported by appropriate research tools and reference citation is vital for quality research work.

In this regard C3S, & YMC3S in association with the Electronic Journal of Social & Strategic Studies has taken this initiative to conduct the “Research Methodology Workshop” extensively to help the YMC3S, ardent young researchers to do quality research and draw better conclusions from the analysis. This includes writing a good Research Paper with appropriate research methods & data analytical tools. 

For further queries | RSVP – Balasubramanian:

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