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Occasional Paper III: Drawing Inferences of China Indian Ocean Region Forum (CIORF) to India and the World By: Sruthi Sadhasivam

Image Courtesy: Nikkei Asia

Occasional Paper: 3/2024

Guided by Commodore R.S. Vasan IN (Retd), Director General, C3S

An occasional Paper is a single topic research summary of the knowledge surrounding an issue or a problem. It summarises the issue giving clear, concise, and complete information describing all facets of a particular issue including a detailed illustration in the form of images, data, and facts. It also includes recommendations for action and predictions on the future course of an issue.


China reasons the hosting of the China-Indian Ocean Region Forum on Development Cooperation by citing its role as an UN member and its obligation to promote 2030 SDG goals. In addition to that it intends to host this forum as its a dialogue partner of the IORA. Most importantly, through this forum, China seeks to realise its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and Maritime Silk Road (MSR) goals. Given that the Chinese objectives as outlined above has implications across the world especially India, the paper attempts to assess the achievements of the first China Indian Ocean Region Forum (CIORF) and imparts the deliverables of the Second China Indian Ocean Region Forum. Further, the paper examines the implications of the China hosted forum across the world including Southeast Asia, Africa, Pacific Island States, South Asia with a special focus on India.

Read the full PDF at this link:

Occasional Paper III_Sruthi Sadhasivam
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(Ms. Sruthi Sadhasivam is a research officer at C3S. The views expressed in this review are those of the author and does not reflect the views of C3S. Email id:

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