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Ref:C3S Paper No.325 dated 9 August 2009 entitled “China should break up the Indian Union, suggests a Chinese strategist”

Our remarks in the C3S Paper were based on the original Chinese language text in the website ,accessed on 8 August 2009 under “Zhan Lue”, which showed no name of the writer, and was without any disclaimer.

The website,, accessed on 11 August 2009, has stated that the article’s ‘source’ is Xin Lang Bo Ke, and added a disclaimer stating “This article is from an internet friend, the aim is to disseminate information, does not mean that we approve the viewpoint and confirm what has been said. The contents are for reference purposes.” This disclaimer seems to have been added after the article carried by the website evoked critical reactions in India.

Chennai Centre for China Studies

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