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C3S Occasional Paper VI: How has China been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to build a digital sy

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Image Courtesy: Foreign Policy

C3S Occasional Paper: 06/2021

An occasional Paper is a single topic research summary of the knowledge surrounding an issue or a problem. It summarises the issue giving clear, concise, and complete information describing all facets of a particular issue including a detailed illustration in the form of images, data, and facts. It also includes recommendations for action and predictions on the future course of an issue.

Occasional Papers are available for download as PDFs.

Read the full PDF at this link: 

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About the Author

(Douglas Daniel D’sa is a research intern with C3S and a Research Associate at the National Resource Center on Human Trafficking at the Rashtriya Raksha University, Lavad, Gujarat. He pursued his post-graduation in MSc. International Crimes, Conflict and Criminology from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The views expressed in this occasional paper are the author’s own and does not reflect the views of C3S)

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