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Mr P N G Subramanian, IFS (Retd), Vice President, CCCS, is no more.


Mr P N G Subramanian, IFS (Retd), Vice President, Chennai Centre for China Studies, is no more.

The Chennai Centre for China Studies (CCCS) deeply regrets to announce the passing away of its Vice-President Mr P N G Subramnian, IFS (Retd) at Mumbai on 26 December 2010. Mr Subramanian was a distinguished member of the Indian Foreign Service who made his mark during his postings in the Philippines, China and several African countries.

Born in 29 August 1938 at Chennai, he did his MA (Mathematics) course in Loyola Collge, Chennai winning gold medal of the University of Madras. He then went to Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta for further studies. On subsequently joining the Indian Foreign Service he was selected to undergo Chinese language training course and he passed the interpretership examination of the School of Foreign Languages, Ministry of Defence with distinction. His examination, translation and spoken skills in Chinese language were of high standard. After his retirement in 1996, he had an active association with various think tanks researching on China. He took part in several seminars and workshops and authored papers on China which were carried by many publications. His presentations in Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati, University of Madras, The Observer Research Foundation and the Chennai Centre for China Studies will always be remembered for their richness in content and analysis. The Chinese language classes which he conducted for corporate staff in Chennai, will be cherished by the concerned.

Mr P N G Subramanian is survived by his wife, son and daughter. He will be missed by his colleagues in the Chennai Centre for China Studies. May his soul rest in peace.

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