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Issue Map: The Hidden Story Behind China’s Railway Boom- A Takeaway for India; By Pratosh Meno

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Image Courtesy: Wang Wei

C3S 008/2019

C3S has launched the Issue Map initiative. The reports under this series analyse the status and developments of current scenarios in detail. They attempt to aid the reader to get a more comprehensive idea of the issue being addressed, along with illustrations and data. Issue Maps are available for download as PDFs.

The objective of the Issue Map is to put forth the success of China’s railway system and will make suggestions through observations to inculcate such measures in the Indian Railways as well.

Read the full PDF at this link: 

Download PDF • 2.18MB

About the Author

Pratosh Menon, Intern C3S,  is a final year high school student based in Singapore. He has represented and won awards for his schools in quizzes, math competitions, debates, and conferences and generally ranks at the top of his class in academics. Passionate about animal rights, the environment and new technologies he hopes to be able to develop revolutionary solutions that help change human behavior and the way we use resources to stop the harmful impacts on the environment.

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