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Issue Brief XI: Chinese Submarine Catastrophe: A Case Mired in Interrogatives; By Sruthi Sadhasivam

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Image Courtesy: Eur Asian Times

Issue Brief 11/2023

C3S launched its Issue Brief initiative. An issue brief is a summary of the knowledge surrounding an issue or a problem. It summarizes the issue by giving clear, concise, and complete information describing all facets of a particular issue including a detailed illustration in the form of images, data, and facts. It also includes recommendations for action and predictions on the future course of an issue.


On the one hand, China’s nuclear submarine misadventure, said to have occurred in August 21, 2023 is affirmed by some X users, UK’s leaked intelligence report and Taiwan’s Up media article while on the other hand, China and Taiwan have refuted the same at great magnitude. The naval experts are divided on this case. Absence of official sanction adds to the complexity of the case.

Therefore, in the wake of unreliable information and uncertainty surrounding the nuclear submarine incident it becomes pertinent to assess the certainess or uncertainess of matters relevant to the case at hand. It is in this light, the paper intends to examine the veracity of the misadventure faced by China’s 093-417 nuclear powered submarine in August 21, 2023. The paper seeks to explore all possible scenarios of occurrence and non-occurrence of China’s nuclear submarine accident to make discernments about the case at hand.

Read the full Issue Brief at this link:

C3S Issue Brief XI
Download PDF • 3.71MB

(Sruthi Sadhasivam is a Research Officer, Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S). The views expressed does not reflect the views of C3S)

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