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Fortnightly Column by Sri. K.Subramanian, Former Joint Secretary, Ministray of Finance Govt. of Indi

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Dear Members,

I am happy to announce the launch of a Fortnightly Column by Sri K. Subramanian Former Joint Secretary, Ministry of Finance Govt. of India  with effect from 7th January 2015.  The author will cover issues related to Global / Asian  Economy and its impact on other economies with particular emphasis on  China. The Bio data of the Columnist is given below:

He is presently an associate of the Chennai Centre for China Studies. As Former Joint Secretary, Ministary of Finance Govt. of India has long and illustrious experience in handling multilateral and bilateral economic issues. He has participated in a number of joint commissions. Since retirement he has devoted his time for research and contributes regularly to The Hindu, Business Line, Economic and Political weekly. In addition he also contributes to the websites of Chennai Centre for China Studies, South Asia Analysis Group and Centre for Asia Studies.

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