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Re-Evaluating US Foreign Policy towards Asia

Re-Evaluating US Foreign Policy towards AsiaDS Rajan, RS Vasan and JA BonoferThe bookmarks the publication of the edited volume of the proceedings of a National Seminar on ‘Re-Evaluating US Foreign Policy towards Asia’, organised jointly by the Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S),Center for Asia Studies(CAS), and the University of Madras (Department of Politics and Public Administration) at Chennai on January 09, 2012 . The participants included eminent Sinologists in the country representing the academic community, former bureaucrats who covered China as part of their duties, and experts with security and military background. The book is being brought out with the objective of ensuring wider dissemination of their views.DS Rajan, RS Vasan and JA Bonofer: DS Rajan, RS Vasan and JA Bonofer


  1. Contributors Opening Remarks

  2. Re-evaluating American Foreign Policy

  3. Main Elements of US Foreign Policy towards Asia

  4. US Exploitation of Sino-Soviet Dispute to its Advantage

  5. US-China Relations: From Comprehensive Engagement to Hedging and Balancing

  6. Henry Kissinger, China, and Third Indo-China War

  7. Kissinger’s Views on US-China Economic Relations

  8. Re-Evaluating US Policy towards Asia

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