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Message from Commodore R S Vasan IN (Retd.) Director General, C3S on Taiwan National Day 2022

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Dear Readers, Well- wishers, and Supporters of C3S,

Taiwan celebrates Double Tenth National Day, this year with enormous confidence, pride, and hope for a new life, especially after an earthquake of 6.9 magnitude struck the island nation. It was also a very trying time for the leadership of Taiwan and its people to stand up to the aggressive behaviour of the PRC, which tried to intimidate Taiwan, which has never been ruled by China. As a nation, Taiwan combated COVID-19 to great effect and saw this success emulated with more cooperation and friendship opportunities globally.

Sharing COVID-19 management experience and essential medical items with like-minded partners is one example that demonstrates the healthy state of affairs and ties between India and Taiwan. In no time, #TaiwanCanHelp – The Meaning of Sharing and Caring in COVID times became a worldwide slogan that went on to save lives across the globe. The framework to be noted is the "Taiwan Model." Harnessing the power of the country’s internationally acclaimed freedom, democracy, human rights, and rule of law.

The recent escalatory actions of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and blatant escalations in the Taiwan Strait post the visit of Nancy Pelosi from the USA have today forced leaders around the world to evaluate what actions they must take to counter belligerent China in the precarious geopolitical landscape.

For decades, the PRC has been propagating lies and deceit based on false notions of history to put forth its claims on Taiwan. Historically, Taiwan has never been under China. Going further, the PRC has systematically abused the privileges that it has been accorded as a member of the free and open community of nations in its own bid for dominance. There are serious allegations of rampant use of diplomatic coercion, unlawful military provocations, and malign actions in the global economy; including stealing intellectual property, conducting opaque one-sided trade deals, selling espionage-infested technology, conducting influence operations, and facilitating corrupt business practices.

The time is now to devise strategies for a secure, stable, and prosperous future based on shared values of freedom and the rule of law. On the Double Tenth National Day, Taiwan’s goodwill and its model of governance are on full display, which acts as a force multiplier for policymakers in support of this critical effort. Closer to home, Taiwan has an active engagement with the State Government of TN, its dynamic industry, and its people through active collaboration with TECC.

The Chennai Centre for China Studies expresses its solidarity with the people of Taiwan in extending our warm wishes on the occasion of the national day of Taiwan and wishing for a prosperous future. May our ties grow from strength to strength.

Jai Hind.

Director General & Team C3S

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