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C3S Celebrates its Anniversary of the Ninth Founding Day

Anniversary Message from the Director, C3S: 

Dear Readers,

We in C3S are very happy to be celebrating the 9th Anniversary of the  founding day, today . It was the idea of Late Sri B. Raman to engage in the study of China. It was felt that the discussions on China are Delhi centric and therefore, there was a need to bring in a new focus to the study of China. A core team of specialists was formed and has been engaged in serious study of China related issues. In the last eight years of our existence, the aim has been to examine both the internal and external dynamics of China in all its entirety through a southern prism. Also with the meager resources, the motto of “Much more with much less” has guided the affairs of this think tank.

The core strength of the group is the varied experience and expertise of  fifteen veterans who have contributed extensively in the study of China related issues. The group consists of former Ambassadors, IAS officers with international exposure, Academia, Army, Navy, Scientists and Economists. Since all the work is done on a voluntary basis, it adds great amount of value to what we  do here in C3S. The young researchers and interns add fresh thinking and  contribute to the  objectives of the centre. In the recent years, many new features have been added to reach out to the readers . This includes new regular expert contributors on China who write for regular columns and the use of social media to communicate with the readers . The think tank  has also been conducting seminars and other events  with colleges and universities to  reach out to the youth who need to be sensitised and engaged in a fruitful debate to understand the nuances of bilateral and multilateral relations with China.

On this occasion, I would like to thank all our readers and well wishers for the continued support that we have received in the previous years. The centre also receives donations from well wishers and a grant from the Government of India which is utilised for  projects, conferences, field work  and publications. C3S is grateful to all the supporters for the whole hearted support in  its activities. We in C3S are consciously aware that the quality of our work can be improved only by constant feed back and suggestions by the readers. So please keep them suggestions coming and the team here will ensure that we swiftly act on the feasible suggestions further improve our understanding of China.

Once again, thank you for your support and good wishes that have motivated  us to continue to contribute  in our humble way .

Thank you ,

Jai Hind.

Commodore R.S Vasan IN(Retd.)

Director, C3S

A poem written by Asma Masood, Research Officer, C3S is also uploaded: 

Once upon time

Gathered 18 people sublime

They sat at the Chennai beach

Thinking of China, far and out of reach.

They climbed to the lighthouse roof

They gazed away then said, “We must not be aloof!

China may be out of sight,

But it is not out of mind, that’s right!”

“The world is changing overnight

New beginnings occur at the speed of light.

We must fight

With our minds for our right….”

“…The right to knowledge, free and fair.

On Sino-matters, let ignorance be rare.

We may not hail from Beijing

But on Sino-analysis we will be king!”

So they built an ark

And sailed upon the sea of knowledge, vast and dark.

They cast their lamps far and wide

And pushed Sino-illiteracy aside.

People would come from far away

To listen to what they had to say

About Xi and his Communist Party

And their dealings with every other country.

Their eyes opened, they mouths agape

They realized it was not too late,

India had these 18 men and women,

What is the reason to be scared of China then?

They say when you go to the Marina beach at dawn

While most would give an awakening yawn,

These men and women would be typing away at full steam

And enriching the world about the ‘Indian dream’.

They would sing merrily, “For most, Xi Jinping is an enigma,

For C3S, there is no such stigma.

We love to study the Chinese psychology,

And unlock its mystery!”

And thus was born the Chennai Centre for China Studies;

Come let us sit under its shade to learn, please.

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