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Lok Niti: Public Policy Hackathon | Students’ Opinion Society, Indian Institute of Technology- Kanpu

Article 24/2021

Students’ Opinion Society, Indian Institute of Technology- Kanpur (IIT-K)

In collaboration with

Chennai Centre for China Studies

‘Lok Niti’, a National level Public Policy Hackathon

Workshop on

Decoding China

April 3 & 4, 2021

The workshop was carefully curated and designed to make it accessible to students who are interested/wish to specialize on subjects related to China and wish to learn more about the country. The workshop combined two thematic online sessions with virtual dialogues with experts at C3S, readings, and assignments.

As part of policy hackathon, the following experts from C3S conducted the workshop for students at IIT-K.

The following are papers submitted as part of the policy workshop: Decoding China

(The views expressed in this publication are the authors own and does not reflect the views of C3S)

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