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India and China: The Way Forward

India and China: The Way ForwardDS RajanThe bookmarks the publication of papers presented at a National Seminar on ‘India and China: The way Forward’, organised, by the Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S), at Chennai on March 16, 2012. The participants included eminent Sinologists in the country representing the academic community, former bureaucrats who covered China as part of their duties, and experts with security and military background. The book is being brought out with the objective of ensuring wider dissemination of their views.DS Rajan: The editor, D S Rajan, Director, the Chennai Centre for China Studies, was formerly a China analyst with the Government of India. Well versed in Chinese and Japanese languages, he has been studying the subject for many years. He has been contributing articles on China regularly to various websites and journals both in India and abroad, besides taking part in national/international seminars and workshops.

ContentsPreface Contributors

  1. India and China: The Way Forward

  2. China’s Military Modernisation: Regional Implications

  3. Role of China and India in Regional Maritime Security and Stability

  4. India-China: Economic Cooperation

  5. India and China: One Train, Two Locomotives

  6. India and China: Cultural and Academic Exchanges

  7. Valedictory Session: Introductory Remarks by the Chair

  8. Valedictory Address ‘India and China: The Way Forward’

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