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C3S Issue Brief VI: Dragon’s Stimulus over the Western Africa: An All-Weather Syndicate in Sino-Afri

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

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C3S Issue Brief: 006/2020

C3S launches its Issue Brief initiative. An Issue Brief is a summary of the knowledge surrounding an issue or a problem. It summarises the issue giving clear, concise and complete information describing all facets of a particular issue including a detailed illustration in the form of images, data, and facts. It also includes recommendations for action and predictions on the future course of an issue.

Issue Briefs are available for download as PDFs.


This paper titled “Dragon’s stimulus over Western Africa: An all-weather syndicate in Sino-African relationship” proposed based on the importance of West Africa by its physical features, spatial settings and role of PRC in the 21st-century global context. Broadly, WA has centred on geography as the Sahel, Atlantic façade and the Gulf of Guinea. States such as Mauritania, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea included in this study as part of New ECOWAS. The term nation (s)/states/countries mentioned in the report refers as appropriate to the context and the same. The name WA/ECOWAS to some extent New ECOWAS mentioned in the report refers as appropriate to the context and therefore it is the same. The report provides a new approach for the WA in sector-wise overall development activities (primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary) based on the progress happened from the colonial period to present, but not limited to manufacturing area specifically.

The new ECOWAS is in a suitable place for PRC to get into comprehensive and regional partnerships in Africa. China‟s presence is considering as a positive sign of transition. It also has challenges to economic, political, domestic, and cultural aspects in Africa. WA economic future drive potholes will be filled with PRC realpolitik (persuasion and comfort). It is a mixed strategy, that involves both positive encouragement and realistic balancing to hedge against the potential threat that may pose: cooperative engagement with a soft hedge against the competitive hard edge, and accommodating space. We can extend the study to show China is a developmental brand of Africa after 2000 to present. The BRI supporting the WA states to take part in, to ensure economic prosperity and regional economic cooperation. This strengthens the interactions between two civilisations and promotes world peace and development. This is a constructive project using a win-win atmosphere in the partnership. It reflects the issue subjects in the economic/growth corridor preserved in the principles of Africa-Asia solidarity, BRI and China‟s foreign policy. Therefore, Sino-New ECOWAS partnership at all levels is a unique model of cooperation which is responsive to the needs of nations. In recent years, the theatre of world events which disclosed a wave of Sinocentric/socialist approach in International Relations and to give a boost to multi-polar world order with Asian attributes.

“Chen Huo Da Jie” in other words, “Loot a house when it is on fire”. The tactic is simple and self-explanatory.

Read the full PDF at this link: 

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About the Author

Kondaraju Sandeep Royal is a Research Intern at the Chennai Centre for China Studies. He is a student from Pondicherry University pursuing his M.A in Politics and International Relations. The views expressed are personal. 

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