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The Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S), registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 (83/2008 dated 4th April 2008), is a non-profit public policy think tank with the following objectives.

  • Carry out in-depth studies of developments relating to China with priority to issues of interest to India such as
    • Geopolitical, economic and strategic dynamics of India-China relations.
    • China’s internal dynamics.
    • The Sino-Indian border issue.
    • China’s relations with South Asian countries.
    • Prospects of Sino-Indian economic and trade relations.
    • Future evolution of China’s politics and its impact on India and the world.
    • China – India – ASEAN relations.
    • China’s emerging role in SAARC.
    • Growing importance of South India for Chinese interaction and economic investment.
    • India – China – Southeast Asia cultural links.
    • Suggest viable solutions/policy alternatives on the basis of studies to the strategic planners and decision makers in India, on issues of bilateral, regional and global importance.
    • Create public opinion, particularly in South India, on the implications arising out of China’s emergence as a leading global power.
  • Provide a forum for dialogue with China scholars in India and abroad and give space for the expression of alternate opinions on China-related topics.
  • Provide a sound database for research on China with special attention to tapping information available in Chinese language material, so as to benefit scholars, media and think tanks in India as well as rest of the world.
  • Address the requirements of the business community in India, particularly informing them about the nature of emerging business opportunities and problems while dealing with China.
  • Liaise with think tanks specialising on China, both in India and abroad, with the objective of exchanging views.
  • Organise lecture discussions and seminars on topics of current interest.
  • Interact with institutions of higher learning in South India to create awareness about developments in China.
  • Bring out publications relating to China – books, edited volumes, monographs and occasional papers.