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C3S Brochure (Click on link to view) 

The Chennai Centre for China Studies (C3S), registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975 (83/2008 dated 4th April 2008), is a non-profit public policy think tank with the following objectives.

  1. Geopolitical, economic and strategic dynamics of India-China relations.
  2. China’s internal dynamics.
  3. The Sino-Indian border issue.
  4. China’s relations with South Asian countries.
  5. Prospects of Sino-Indian economic and trade relations.
  6. Future evolution of China’s politics and its impact on India and the world.
  7. China – India – ASEAN relations.
  8. China’s emerging role in SAARC.
  9. Growing importance of South India for Chinese interaction and economic investment.
  10. India – China – Southeast Asia cultural links.



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